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We deliver affordable, high quality video services to a wide customer base.
We have produced the following videos:

          • product / service marketing
          • training
          • the health sector <- We won two awards !!
          • documentaries & PSAs
          • performance artists (musicians, dancers, poets)
          • keynote speeches
          • ethnographic research
          • a wide range of family events (anniversaries, birthdays, weddings)
Health Sector Videos
Small Business Videos
Family Events

We can record your video for later editing & viewing or broadcast it to your audience over the internet as it happens.

Your Media on DVD


We can also convert old media (movies, VHS & Beta tapes, prints & slides) into a variety of digital formats.

Your project can be delivered on a variety of platforms; DVD, VHS, iPod, PSP, DivX, Flash (web ready), etc.

Industrial Video

We pride ourselves on customer service.  Click here to see what our customers thought of working with us.

We can provide password protected on line previews of each customer’s project as it develops.  This helps us to deliver professional quality results on time and on budget.

GreenMan Video Productions is a Canadian company with two locations in Toronto, Ontario (West / East)

We have satisfied customers from Montreal, Quebec to Victoria, British Columbia.
We even have a satisfied customer in New Zealand !!

We thrive on meeting new people.
Contact us to discuss your next project

Brian Kelly                            John Metcalfe

Call us at 416 659-5321
or eMail us at

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