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We are eager to develop the video medium as a support tool for the health sector.  We are very proud of the series of videos we created to support a Toronto area cardiac rehabilitation program.  We are also very proud of a training video that we created for a large Toronto area dental clinic.  Consider the following and imagine how we could apply these techniques in your area of the health sector.


Cardiac Rehabilitation

Cardiac exercise programs only benefit patients who actually follow the program on a regular basis.
Patients exhibit great enthusiasm for such programs at first but compliance tends to fall off as the cardiac event fades into a memory.
GreenMan Video Productions has worked with a number of cardiac physiotherapists to develop a series of  exercise and educational videos targetted to specific patient groups.The videos are delivered on DVD.  Each DVD holds a number of warmup, strength training & stretching routines as well as a series of cardiac related educational components.  The exercise routines can be viewed in any combination so the programs never become boring.

Cardiac Exercise Videos

These are not generic workout videos, hosted by a “Celebrity-de-jour”.  Rather, they are designed by the patients’ own cardiac physiotherapists to meet the needs of their specific patient community.  The therapists leading the exercises and the venue are both familiar to the patients.  The exercises are also familiar, being taken from the patients’ rehabilitation program.  The strength of these videos stems from this familiarity which encourages compliance.



Exercise video


Cardiac Education Videos

Education is another key facet of complete patient care.  We can provide health related educational videos to support your program.  As with the exercise videos, these educational videos are designed by trained cardiac physiotherapists to meet the needs of the patient community.


Cardiac Health Tips


GreenMan Video Productions can create videos customized to suit the needs of your patient group.  The videos can be designed to integrate with the educational and exercise components of your existing cardiac program.

If you are in a rural setting, with no existing cardiac program, our cardiac physiotherapist partners can create a program for you.

We feel that the concepts we developed during the cardiac rehab project apply equally well to other areas of the health care sector.  Please contact us to explore opportunities in your patient care area.


Just For Fun

For the past couple of years, the Rouge Valley Health System has sponsored the Hands Up Film Festival - HUFF.

This VERY tongue-in-cheek event is a spoof of the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF).  Each year’s event is meant to focus attention on some aspect of patient care.  GreenMan Video Productions has collaborated with the cardiac rehab program on their HUFF submissions.

  • Our 2011 entry is a spoof of the Old Spice ‘Handsome Man’ commercials and is meant to draw attention to the importance of hand hygiene in a hospital setting.
  • Our 2012 entry is a spoof of a Fallsview Casino commercial and is meant to draw attention to the issue of patient safety in the hospital.
  • Our 2013 entry is a spoof of the Nyquil ‘Can You Call My Mom’ commercials and is meant to encourage people to get a flu shot.

Admittedly, this is all a bit of an inside joke but the competition is fierce within the hospital community.  We are very proud to say that we won two awards for our 2012 entry, A Patient Falls for Heart. We weren’t so fortunate in 2013 but the 2014 event is just around the corner so...Stay Tuned !


Both Trophies


HUFF videos



Dental Training Video


Dental Training Videos 
GreenMan Video Productions was delighted to work with a dental practice in Oshawa, Ontario to develop a training video that demonstrates the skill and methods of one of their staff who is particularly successful at calming young children before their treatment.  The video will be a training aid for other staff within the practice and may benefit other practices as well.




Out Patient / Day Surgery Support

Checking into the hospital for a procedure can be a daunting experience.

Out patient support    Many patients feel overwhelmed by all of the unknowns:

  • How do I prepare at home ?
  • What do I bring to the hospital ?
  • Can I drive to the hospital ?
  • Where do I go ?
  • Can a family member or friend come with me ?
  • Who will I meet ?
  • What will they want from me ?
  • How long will the procedure take ?
  • How will I feel when the procedure is over ?
  • When will I be able to go home ?
  • Do I need any special care when I get home ?
  • How long will my recovery be ?
  • Will there be any follow up visits to the hospital ?





GreenMan Video Productions can prepare a patient overview video for each of your common procedures.
Presented on your hospital website, or handed out on DVD with the appointment information package, these videos will present a first person walkthrough of the entire process, answering all of the patients questions.


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