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Some of these adjustments are only available for still images.
Move your mouse over each image to see the Before & After images.


Straighten the horizon, remove spots in the sky & correct the color balance

Correct the color balance

Remove spots in the sky, correct color balance & lighten shadows in doorway



Removing jitter & correcting exposure

The best way to get quality footage is to shoot it properly in the first place.

But if you need to rescue jittery or improperly exposed video, GreenMan Video Productions can usually help.


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There are always tradeoffs e.g. you will notice a slight increase in the graininess of the clip we brightened... but at least you can see the performance.


Cleaning a noisy soundtrack

Sometimes you can’t avoid shooting in a noisy environment.

Here’s a clip of a couple who were married in a picturesque tropical Cuban garden...right in front of a noisy waterfall !!



GreenMan can usually process your soundtrack to improve the audio quality of your video.

In this case, GreenMan Video Productions was able to reduce the waterfall sound somewhat so that you can actually hear the dialog.


Have some troublesome footage?  Contact Brian or John for a complete, no obligation, quote:

       info@greenmanvideo.com     416 659 5321



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