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We can scale our service to match your event and your budget. Below, you will find examples that represent each end of the spectrum.

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Each Live webcast is priced individually according to your requirements and the duration of your event.
The devil is in the details with this type of project.  Early planning can prevent problems during the webcast.
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UFE Championship Pay-Per-View Webcasts
This is an example of a relatively large live webcasting project

GreenMan Video Productions was hired by Ultimate Fitness Events (UFE) to provide A/V content for the 2012 pay-per-view webcast of their North American Championship competition

UFC01In this case, UFE also hired the Vertical Streaming organization to act as the Content Distribution Network and to manage ticket sales and gate-keeping.

UFC03A GreenMan Video Productions crew of seven captured the event with three HD cameras, one fixed and two roving.  We incorporated existing UFE graphics into title screens & lower thirds that identified each competitor.  We also provided a video feed to the ‘jumbotrons’ in the theatre.UFC02

UFE provided us with some knowledgeable fitness pros to interview the competitors backstage during breaks in the competition.  The interviews were only available to our pay-per-view audience.



We are very proud to say that we were hired back to webcast the 2013 North American UFE Championships.  The following video is an excerpt from that day’s Elite competition.


In the fall of 2015, the UFE staged two Halloween Mayhem competitions, one in Toronto and one in Chicago. The two events were intended to run simultaneously (even with the time zone difference).


The UFE hired GreenMan Video Productions to provide the Canadian side of a simulcast between the two events.  The simulcast would allow each audience to see the competition & entertainment at the other venue.  It would also allow the two hosts to interact.  This was a lofty goal.  Unfortunately, a number of things (late arrival of entertainers, technical issues) eventually broke the synchronization between the two competitions.

Even with the two shows proceeding at their own pace, the hosts were able to interact from time to time & entertained both audiences with their witty banter.


The Halloween aspect of the competition was plainly evident in the Samurai & Trump costumes of the hosts

Even with our simulcast challenges, each competition was a success & we learned a lot about keeping two remote events in sync.
We are looking forward to our next opportunity to work with UFE.


Rouge Valley Hospital Cardiac Rehab Walkathon
This is an example of a relatively simple use of live webcasting

This annual fundraising event takes place on an indoor track in the main hospital building. The 2013 walkathon was expected to break attendance records. With so many attendees forecast to participate, the registration and post-walk refreshment areas were moved to another floor of the hospital so as not to clog up the track area. And it was just as well because the walkathon was a massive success.

In addition to the actual walking, the track area had numerous fitness challenges, a rock & roll band, trivia competitions and raffle draws. Unfortunately, there was no infrastructure in the hospital that could transmit all of this activity to the registration / refreshment area.

GreenMan Video Productions provided track-side cameras and webcast them to a computer in the registration area. Track activities and the commentary of the track side host were then projected onto a large screen in the registration area so no one would miss a minute of the excitement.
Of course, cost control is a primary concern to fund raisers. GreenMan Video Productions was able to scale our coverage to make it very affordable e.g. SD rather than HD cameras, camera operators donated their time, etc.

The organizers were so happy with the 2013 results that they hired us back for the 2014 walkathon which set an even higher attendance record.


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