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Since we opened for business in 2006, GreenMan Video Productions has enjoyed meeting & working with a wide variety of professional and amateur performing artists.  We have produced performance videos, grant proposals, audition videos, promotional videos, clips for award shows, demo reels and CD release party videos.

We understand that budgets are tight in the Arts sector.  GreenMan Video Productions has considerable experience working with organizations where budgets are limited.

Don’t immediately assume that you can’t afford a high quality video production.  If you have an idea, we’d love to discuss it.  Call us at 416-659-5321 or eMail us at


Barbara Elizabeth Mercer


Barbara Elizabeth Mercer video


International Author, Poet, Visual Artist, Performance Artist, Barbara Elizabeth Mercer has written a number  of captivating collections of poetry.  We were privileged to record the launch of her book, Rooted in Cabbagetown.  Here is a brief excerpt of Barbara reading from that book, accompanied by Jerome McNicholl:






Ovation! Performing Arts Academy

Every year we record a number of performances by the students at Ovation! Performing Arts Academy
Here are a few stills from those many shows.

Click here to read the academy director's opinion of our work.


Cool Shots


BC video

Each summer, our creative clients at Ovation! Performing Arts Academy hold a week long class called Cool Shots - Video Boot Camp.

Over the first three days of the course, the kids plan & develop a musical theatre performance.  They learn the script and the songs and practice the choreography. 

GreenMan Video Productions shows up and records the performance over the last two days of the course.  Each student gets a DVD to show their family & friends.  The latest video is a mashup of contemporary songs & excerpts from the 60’s hit Bye, Bye Birdie.





Prologue to the Performing Arts

Prologue to the Performing Arts represents a large roster of theatre, dance, music, puppetry, storytelling and variety/comedy performers.  Since 2011, GreenMan Video Productions has produced a number of performance & promotion videos for Prologue. Some examples of the showcases are shown below

Prologue to the Performing Arts videos


MOTUS O Dance Theatre

GreenMan Video Productions always enjoys working for MOTUS O Dance Theatre.  Sometimes we produce a complete video, sometimes we shoot a performance & provide the footage for the Motus O folks to edit.
Here’s an example of the latter.  We recorded their Perspectives performance and they created the following tremendous promotional video.



Chris McKhool & Sultans of StringYallaYalla 2


GreenMan Video Productions first met Chris McKhool at Ontario Contact in 2008.  Click here to read Chris’ first impressions.
Since then we have produced a number of fun video projects for Chris, some in his Fiddlefire persona (see below) and some with the
award winning Canadian string super group, Sultans of String.
We had the pleasure of recording the CD release concert for  the Sultans’ album, Yalla Yalla! The concert took place at Trinity St. Paul’s Centre, a beautiful, historic church in Toronto.  The Sultans posted our videos on their YouTube channel where they have accumulated more than 50,000 views at last count.

Yalla Yalla videos


Chris McKhool & Fiddlefire!Fiddlefire


 Here’s a Fiddlefire! performance we shot for Chris soon after we met.

We have also created a promotional video to support Chris’ 2009 Juno nomination.





The Magic of Song Choral ConcertMetropolitan


A choral conductor from New Zealand, studying in Toronto, needed a video record of herself conducting the Toronto Children’s Chorus to complete a performance component of her grad program.  GreenMan Video Productions to the rescue !!  Now we have a satisfied customer in New Zealand.

While we were at it, we provided some performance footage to the Toronto Children’s Chorus and the Hamilton Children’s Choir who participated in the concert



Powerhouse Fellowship Soul Choir

GreenMan Video Productions had the pleasure of recording the Powerhouse Fellowship Soul Choir reunion concert.


Casablanca Orchestra Casablanca Orchestra

The good folks at Sheraton Cadwell Orchestras hired GreenMan Video Productions to record their Sunday Serenade performance at Mel Lastman Square in Toronto.  It was a great evening of Big Band swing, Jazz, Latin and Blues standards.  Unfortunately, the customer wanted to buy the unedited tapes so we don’t have any samples to show.  They were kind enough to give us a quotable quote which you can find on our Testimonials page.  



Midnight Sapphire

GreenMan Video Productions produced a very evocative black & white promotional DVD and web clip for Heathir Laurent, the belly dancer and creative force behind Midnight Sapphire Entertainment.  You’ll think you’ve been transported to the Casbah in the 30s.  Choose one of the links below to see Heathir’s full performance.

Heathir Laurent video

Heathir was quite pleased with the results.  Click here to read her comments.


Skylark Trio

GreenMan Video Productions recently produced a promotional DVD for the Skylark Trio.  The DVD combines concert footage that we shot early in the year with still images and studio recordings to produce an effective multi-media sales tool.

Skylark Promo


Ontario Contact

Ontario Contact is an annual event giving those working in the touring performing arts sector an opportunity to share information in a three-day conference featuring contemporary and classical music, dance, theatre, spoken word, and youth orientated programming.
GreennMan Video Productions began providing videography services to Ontario Contact in 2007. The communication director’s opinion of our work can be found here.
We recorded Michele Landsberg’s 2008 keynote speech and made it available to conference attendees on DVD.  Our contract prevents us from posting Michele’s speech here but you can watch the 2009 keynote speeches of Alan S. Brown and David S. Craig.  Both presentations were enlightening and entertaining. We produced DVDs of Alan Brown’s keynote speech on site.  They were available for sale later the same day.  You can also see excerpts from a few of the other showcases we’ve produced for Ontario Contact.

Fundraiser videos


We were please to be a sponsor of the 2010 edition of Ontario Contact which was held in Parry Sound.

Here’s an excerpt from one of the 2010 keynote speeches: 


Markham Jazz Festival

GreenMan Video Productions produced a highlight DVD for the Markham Jazz Festival organization
 to commemorate the 10th anniversary of their festival. 

Markham Jazz Festival video

Special thanks to the Hilario Duran organization for allowing us to use this footage.


Toronto Downtown Jazz Festival
GreenMan Video Productions was the only private videography company accredited to record all 10 Mainstage Performances at the 2007 Toronto Downtown Jazz Festival.



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